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Please get in touch if you have any specific appointment requests I will be happy to try and accommodate them as best as possible. 

Send me an email ( or give me a call on 07771626367 to find out more about what each session will involve.

From £65

Equine initial assessment and treatment 

From £55

Equine follow up treatment

IMG_2536 2.jpeg
From £50

Canine initial assessment and treatment 

From £45

Canine follow up treatment

Electrotherapy packages 

For some musculoskeletal, joint and wound treatments I offer electrotherapy only packages to be used between full physiotherapy sessions.

Consisting of approximately a 20 minute tailored session for both equine and canine packages. 

Packages include: 

  • 4 x Electrotherapy sessions @ £110

  • 6x LASER sessions @ £150

  • Single session £30 each

*Additional costs may be included subject to milage.* 

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